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About Us


We are lovers of riddles, puzzles, and all things related to treasure hunting who want to share the thrill of chasing down a solve with as many people as possible. In short, we provide a site where you can solve riddles for prizes and have fun in a community of others who enjoy the same. To learn more about how we got here, the inspiration for the site, and our ideas for the future then please continue reading. 

The story so far.........


The inspiration for The Geo Hunt comes from a lifelong enjoyment of things related to solving puzzles and lost treasure. One of the most recent influences was the personal experiences had by our family while participating in the treasure hunt started by Forrest Fenn. For those who don't know the story, Forrest Fenn hid a small fortune in a location very personal to him in 2010. He then released a poem that had all the clues needed to solve the location of the treasure and if you found it, it was yours.


Josh was the first to learn about the poem and was hooked instantly.  Like so many others, he spent hours doing research on the computer; looking at maps, key words, local lore, searching forums, re-reading the poem etc....  he was excited and a little obsessed. That excitement spilled over to friends and of course, family. On more than one occasion, Josh and Catherine were laying in bed and she would ask, "have you thought about (idea) as a possible solve? "Yep, tried that" was more often than not the response. 


Forrest once said that a child could solve the poem and so we started asking our kids the first line which was, "where do warm waters halt?" This has turned into an inside joke because it was asked so many times. To this day, if you ask anyone in our family, "Can I ask you a question" they'll just say no because they know "Where do warm waters halt?" will be the question. Of all the years that we were involved in the hunt, there was only one boots on the ground search done. Josh went by himself and didn't locate the treasure that day, but it was an amazing experience that he will always remember. 


Forrest's chase came to an end in 2020 when one fortunate hunter found the prize. Shortly thereafter, the man who had inspired so many others sadly passed away. It was around that time that the idea for The Geo Hunt was born. We thought, "what if we could keep the chase alive by creating puzzles challenges where the answer is always a specific latitude and longitude? And, if someone solves the puzzle, then they win a prize".  We really like the idea and thought that it could honor a little of what Forrest had started and bring some new energy to the community he helped pull together. 


So, we started to create an opportunity for others to experience the same feelings of adventure, family togetherness, and excitement that we did. Our hunts focus on puzzle solving where scouring the web for clues and a good general knowledge of many subjects will get you far. We understand that this goes a little against what Forrest had in mind, as he wanted to get people out into the wild and experience it in person. We love that idea, too and someday we hope to get to the point where this project can afford to do those in-person hunts. For now though, our hunts are all digital which brings the added benefit of inclusion for anyone who couldn't participate with in-person hunts. This is a treasure hunt that anyone can enjoy and we truly hope it brings you a similar joy to what we experienced with Forrest's hunt.


Good luck and happy solving.

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