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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a membershipt cost?
    The basic membership that gets you access to the Trek level Hunt is free for anyone who signs up. The premium membership that gets you access to two more levels of Hunts called Quests and Odysseys is $49 for an annual plan or $5 per month for the monthly plan.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
    Sure. Your paid subscription can be cancelled anytime. Refunds will be given if under the 14 day cancellation policy. Otherwise, you can continue to use you membership until it expires at which point it will not renew.
  • Can I change my plan later on?
    Yes! You can start out with a free plan, upgrade to a paid plan, and go back to free again with no issue.
  • Will you renew my subscription automatically?
    Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed according to your membership period unless you paid with cryptocurrency. If you paid with cryptocurrency you will be sent an invoice for your renewal.
  • Can I request a refund?
    Sure, you are welcome to request a refund within 14 days of subscribing to any paid plan. If past 14 days, you can cancel your subscription so that it does not auto renew, then continue to use your membership until it expires. There are no refunds for purchased hints.
  • What happens if my paid subscription expires but then I come up with a solve to a premium member hunt (Quest, Odyssey)?
    To qualify to win any prizes related to a Quest or Odyssey Hunt you must have an active paid subscription per our terms and conditions.
  • Can I pay for a premium membership with cryptocurrency?
    Yes. Currently, we accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will first need to create a free membership, then email us at to let us know you'd like to purchase a Premium Annual plan with cryptocurrency. We will send you an invoice via Coinbase and activate your Premium Annual Plan once payment is confirmed.
  • Are there hints available?
    Yes, but only after all of the cash prizes have paid out for a Hunt. After that, we turn on the ability to purchase hints for some Hunts. If a hint is available for purchase, then you will see a banner below the clue with purchase options.
  • How are the prizes paid out?
    Any cash prizes associated with a successful solve can be paid out via Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, or Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum only at this time).
  • How frequently will the hunts come out?
    The current release schedule has Treks and Quests released about once a month. Their schedules will be staggered so a new Hunt will come out about every two to three weeks. That schedule could be adjusted depending on how quickly the Hunts are solved. Odysseys are still being worked out but will be about once per quarter.
  • Do hunts end?
    Hunts will stay open indefinitely so that each member may earn a Solve Coin, unless the correct solve has been found to have been released and shared with others. If that has happened, or is suspected to have happened, then the hunt will be closed and marked as such on the hunts page. At that point, members may still solve the hunt for fun, but no prizes or coins will be awarded. So, please do not ruin it for others by posting or discussing spoilers on the forum outside of the designated areas.
  • If my solve is wrong can I try again?
    Absolutely! You can try as many times as it takes. Currently, success or fail notifications are sent by email within 24 hours of submission. So, we would recommend waiting until you get confirmation if your previous attempt was correct or not. Very soon, the Hunts will have instant notification built in so that you will know instantly if you were correct or not. When that happens, submissions will be limited to 5 per 24 hour period per hunt. This is to stop automated scripts from repeat submissions and overwhelming the site.
  • If a Hunt is already solved by someone else, why would I try to solve it as well?
    Even if the cash prize(s) has already been claimed, the Hunt will still award its Solver coin including your solve place number on it for Quest and Odysseys. If you are the type of person who likes to complete a series of things or just wants to maximize the value from your subscription, then we encourage you to keep trying the Hunts even after they've been solved by others. Collecting a complete set of all the Solver coins would be an impressive accomplishment.
  • If I have a solve, how do I get the Lat/Long coordinates?
    The best way to get the coordinates in the correct format is to locate your solve location on Google Maps, right click on your location, then left click on the coordinates it shows. This automatically adds the coordinates in Decimal Degree format to your clipboard. You can then paste that directly into the "Enter Coordinates" field on the Hunt page you are solving. Good luck!
  • What is Decimal Degree format?
    Decimal Degree is a specific latitude and longitude format. For specifics you can visit the Wiki page. For submissions to count at The Geo Hunt they must be in Decimal Degree like the following example (38.952392523364075, -77.14576911862119). You must have at least 6 and less than 18 numbers after the decimal point. The easiest way to get coordinates in this format is to find your solve location on Google Maps, right click on your location, then left click on the coordinates it shows. This will automatically copy it and you can paste it into our Solve Submission form.
  • How close to the actual location do I need to be?
    It depends on the hunt. Each hunt will have its own margin of error that is displayed on the Hunt's main page. Look in the How to Win section of the individual hunt page. If it says 200' then your solve must be within 200' to qualify as a win.
  • Who can participate in these hunts?
    Right now, prizes for the hunts can only be redeemed by US residents 18 years of age or older. As the project grows we may expand to international participants.
  • What happens if someone releases the answer to the Hunt?
    Unfortunately, that hunt will be considered closed and no one will be able to receive Solve Coins from solving the clue from that point going forward. Additionally, if the member who was responsible for the information being released is known, that member's account will be suspended without refund.
  • How did you come up with this idea?
    There were multiple inspirations, but the bottom line is that we like puzzles and wanted to do something fun for us and others. For the full story see the About Us page.
  • What is a Solver Coin?
    A Solver Coin is a token of accomplishment for solving one of the Hunts. It's like a poker chip but with custom designs depending on the level of accomplishment. At the Quest and Odyssey levels, the coin shows your place number in order of solving.
  • What's next for the site?
    We have a lot of ideas for the future: bigger prizes, more types of hunts, more frequent hunts. As we gain subscribers and get feedback, we'll be customizing with requests from you all too. Please feel free to send in ideas and requests on the Contact Us page.
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