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Site Update

Hello The Geo Hunt Members,  


We recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary. It has been an awesome year full of learning, growing, and getting to know you all. We have had so much fun creating the Hunts and sharing in your successes.   


Unfortunately, we will be scaling back the website and the Hunts. We have found it more challenging than expected to create the Hunts on the schedule that we originally planned. The last thing we want is to disappoint our members by not providing what was expected. To address this concern, we are making the below changes to the site effective as of the sending of this email, 2/19/2023. 


1.  No new Premium memberships will be sold.   

2.  Members who have a current Premium member plan , will continue to be able to access the existing Quests and Odysseys, through the end of 2023. 

3.  Current Premium Annual memberships will not auto renew but will have their end date update to 12/31/2023. These members will receive a refund prorated to their anniversary date effective Feb 15, 2023. They will receive this refund within 30 days.   

4.  Current Premium monthly memberships will not auto renew but will have their end date update to 12/31/2023.

5.  Will you release any more Hunts?   

a. We will continue to release Treks about once a month with the normal Trek prize value.  

b. We will release one more Quest in the next two weeks at the normal prize levels.   

c. We may release more Odysseys in the future, but at lower prize values.    



We want to thank everyone again for helping bring our idea into reality and playing our game. We hope that everyone continues to enjoy the Hunts that we create. If there are any questions about the new changes, please contact us at   

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